For anyone wanting access to an API toward a TA–system for complete control over shipments with follow-up capabilities on CO2–accounting and the ability to overview all routines.

Included in Enterprise

  • Book shipments in the platform
  • Booking based on environmental impact
  • Follow shipment during transportation
  • Booking through available shipments
  • Overview bookings and shipment status
  • Find shipments on vehicle return route
  • Client information via mail to a buyer
  • Status notifications to buyers
  • Notifications via mail to drivers
  • Management of divided orders and shipments
  • Customized geofences for transport arrival
  • Hand picking of partners
  • Booking history
  • Status notifications to end client
  • Overview of vehicle types
  • Status update from supplier
  • API toward TA– & TMS–system
  • Multiple users per account
  • CO2-accounting on shipment level
  • Virtual delivery locations
  • Ongoing orders over time
  • Follow-up on compliance of environmental requirements
  • Status reporting to business systems
  • City–based geofences for transport arrival
  • Drivers’ application with real–time updating
  • Matching goods against route
  • Follow shipment on vehicle change (OMX)
  • Sub order on shipment for segmented deliveries
  • Send bookings to drivers’ application
  • Offers on matching orders
  • Suggestions based on route history
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