How it works

When you register in our digital portal, you may do so as a transport buyer or a transporter. Once you’re inside the system you have access to a map view where you can overview all transporting vehicles registered in our system, their position and their loading capacity, all in real time.

When you have goods you would like to have delivered, you create a shipment request where you enter all specifications for that delivery: its pickup and delivery destination; what kind of cargo it is and how much; etc. When the request has entered the system it immediately appears in the map view for all registered transporters, and they are able to overview what cargo that is available to pick up and accept whatever shipments best suit their routes and capabilities. They leave a bid on the shipment which the buyer then has the ability to accept or deny. A buyer also has the possibility to send a request to a specific driver that is close to the goods in question, and may then directly leave a bid for what they would like to pay for it.

As a transporter you have the possibility to add different drivers to your account. This way a transport administrator have the ability to assign different shipments to different drivers within your organization. The drivers themselves also have the opportunity to find suitable shipment requests to accept and update their vehicle’s loading status.
Once a bid has been accepted, a notification is sent to the buyer, confirming that the order has been placed!

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