Together we must take responsibility – for the world today and for future generations.
The journey toward a healthier environment starts by decreasing the amount of CO2-emissions.
Join our endeavors toward a greener transportation industry.

In the EU today, there are more than five million trucks.

Unoccupied freight space

Of all these trucks, 57% travel with unoccupied space.

Empty trucks

24% of these trucks drive completely empty.


The transports on our roads and the logistics sector at large stand for 32% of all CO2-emissions.

The transporting and logistics business are some of the biggest causes of CO2-emissions today, but change is possible!
With your help, CargoSpace24 wants to take responsibility over waste and fill the empty space in the trucks on our roads.
The tolerance for stressing our environent with unneccessary shipping is coming to and end.
No truck ought to be going without cargo.

Take responsibility